Smart Factory(IIoT)

Vault Connectivity Software(VCS) for Industry, so called Smart Factory or IIoT provides key building blocks for connecting industrial devices and next generation intelligent infrastructures to IoT. It provides networking, embedded control, and manageability.

• Connectivity to the cloud and enterprise
• Connectivity to system-embedded sensors and legacy controllers
• Pre-processing filtering of selected data for delivery
• Connect easily to existing systems with local decision making
• Data encryption and software locking for security
• Local computing for in-device analysis

Technical Spec

VCS provides a pre-validated and flexible open computing platform, including basic hardware, software, and secure building blocks, for rapid solution development and deployment. It can build scalable solution with standard-based interfaces, so you can securely connect and aggregate data from the edge to the cloud.


  • Various OS Supported

Vault Connectivity Software(VCS) supports a variety of POSIX-based operating systems. As industry-leading software, it offers reliability and speed, and proven solution.


  • Manageability

With Vault Connectivity Software(VCS), you can simplify maintenance and administration with secure remote management function. Based on the support of the industry standard interface, it is possible to create an interface according to the user’s demand.


  • Communications and Connectivity

In order to enable connectivity through the widest range of communication technologies, Vault Connectivity Software(VCS) supports both wireless and wired links. The software supports Cellular 2G / 3G / 4G, Bluetooth, serial, usb, Wi-Fi* access point, MQTT, Kafka and more to connect products and software from multiple hardware vendors. We can also develop and support specific drivers according to the manufacturers’ requirements.


  • Shortens time to enter the market due to fast and stable development and issue handling
  • Has device driver, communication protocol, and interface software service reference
  • Can be used for a long time and has stability for embedded devices that can be associated with human life
  • Ensures data transfer rate
  • Provides HW / SW independent solutions
  • Has know-how to solve numerous issues on various platforms
  • Supports diverse OS such as Windows, Mac, and Linux but also Android, QNX, Tizen
  • Supports testing and certification tool

Server Installed Type

Functions as IP connection based data collection server

As data throughput in vehicular communications grows, Ethernet is chosen as the best solution to save time and money. Vault Micro provides Ethernet-based diagnostic standards DoIP and UDS solutions and supports various operating systems such as QNX as well as Linux.

DoIP(Diagnostic over IP) is based on existing Ethernet standards and supports communication for fully compatible diagnostics. It can be easily integrated into your particular software and hardware architecture.


  • Generic acknowledge
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Routing Activation
  • Real-time Check
  • Diagnostic Power Mode
  • Diagnostic Message

Embedded Device Type

Vault Connectivity Software Embedded Device type varies depending on the number of Tag license.

Supported Operating System

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 32bit/64bit
  • Linux 3.X, Android QNX, Tizen