Product Testing

Product Test Service

Based on the experience in developing device drivers and software used in various technologies of the global market, Vault Micro provides test services for carrying out evaluation and problem verification that could occur in various systems.

When Vault Micro verifies the product, we configure it in to the closest actual user environment. Later on, Vault Micro’s ISTQB specialized engineers will test your products.

Compatibility Verification Testing

  • Test a product using 15 different laptop computers of different manufacturers
  • Test in various operating systems such as Windows 2K, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7/Mac 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7/Linux
  • Check the compatibility of a product installed on various devices and software
  • Proceed with an authentication test to check whether the product meets the standard specification
  • Test the product through power on/off and program run/end to check whether there is no problem in long time use

Functional Verification Testing

  • Basic functionality tests according to the concept of a product
  • A benchmark test to measure the data quality
  • Simulate functions performed by actual users to verify the problems
  • Functionality Test
    – Test the functions in individual operating systems if a product follows the concept of each product
  • Performance Test
    – Carry out a benchmark test and measure the data quality
  • Reliability Test
    – Test a product through Automated Stress Test like power on/off and program run/end, to check whether there is no problem in long term usage
  • Usability Test
    – Test usability by problem verification and the simulation of the functions that will be activated by the actual users
  • Interoperability Test
    – Test a product for its compatibility in an environment where diverse devices and software are installed
  • Certification Test
    – Carry out the authentication test to check whether it meets the standard specification
  • Closest to the real world environment
    – Lenovo / HP / DELL / Samsung / SONY / MSI / GATEWAY / ACER / ASUS / MacBook / iBook / Other desktops