Automotive Networking Solutions

Vault Micro is the technical leader expert in device connectivity. We provide reliable, high quality, and efficient operating device connectivity solutions and servicing system within the automotive industry.

Vault Connectivity Software(VCS) for Automotive provides a wide variety of connectivity solutions. Ranging from car diagnosis and multi-camera connection to collision avoidance alerts, VCS system proves to be an excellent support to the automotive industry.

Car Diagnosis: DoIP(Diagnostic over IP) / UDS(Unified Diagnostic Services)

Diagnostics via Ethernet

As data throughput in vehicular communications grows, Ethernet is chosen as the best solution to save time and money. Vault Micro provides Ethernet-based diagnostic standards DoIP and UDS solutions and supports various operating systems such as QNX as well as Linux.

The DoIP(Diagnostic over IP) is based on existing Ethernet standards, and it supports communication to perform fully compatible diagnostics. It can be easily integrated into your preferred software and hardware architecture.


  • Generic acknowledge
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Routing Activation
  • Real-time Check
  • Diagnostic Power Mode
  • Diagnostic Message

SAP Over IP: Personal SIM Card Connection in Vehicle

Wired/Wireless Network Connection

The ‘Vault Connectivity Software – SAP over IP’ allows devices such as telematics to connect to a SIM card in a Ethernet/IP enabled device, thus the telematics itself doesn’t require a separate SIM card.

The SIM Access Profile(SAP) defines the protocols and procedures that shall be used to access a SIM card via a Bluetooth link. Follow SAP specs, ‘Vault Connectivity Software – SAP over IP’ provides a IP based SIM connectivity solutions.

[Features to ensure availability]
  • Server/Client keepalive feature (First exception handling: An Ethernet connection is lost due to an accident)
  • Heartbit function provides server/client connection maintenance and recovery (Second exception handling)
  • Application Restore (If Smart Card Daemon does not work)

EAVB Plug-in: Multi-camera Connection

Connecting Camera

Vault Micro has designed an embedded Audio Video Bridging (AVB) platform based on IEEE 802.1. AVB is designed for reproducing real-time multimedia transmission in smart cars and smart homes. Besides, this platform also supports multimedia platform plug-ins such as the video/audio virtual driver, Gstreamer.

3G/LTE Modem Connection

Fast, Reliable and Proven Solution

For many years, Vault Connectivity Software(VCS) has been successful in applying global services that require safe and high-capacity network traffic and speed like automotive telematics, 3G/LTE modems, and laptops.

*Applied to GM’s first LTE OnStar Telematics in North America


Connecting Smartphone

MirrorLink® is a global standard for integrating smart phones and car’s infotainment system as it allows to connect smartphones with network(platforms). Vault Micro guarantees performances of MirrorLink Client and Server with high reliability.

  • MirrorLink Client:

Vault Micro has the best CDC/NCM Driver technology and currently supports many MirrorLink products such as Samsung Drive Link and Nokia Car Mode. We also offer data and solutions about device’s connectivity and compatibility issues.

  • MirrorLink Server:

We have high technology perfectly compatible to main functions of MirrorLink 1:1.


Why You Should Use VCS?

  • Support various OS such as Linux, QNX, Android and Tizen etc.
  • Shorten time to enter the market by fast and stable development and issue managing
  •  Have development skills of device driver, communication protocol, interface software
  • Guaranteed stability for embedded device which is related to people’s life and maintained long time
  •  Guaranteed speed of data transmission
  •  Hardware/Software-independent solutions
  •  Have know-how about thousands of problems identified and resolved on various platforms
  • Support testing and verification tools