Automotive Networking Solutions

Vault Micro: Pioneering Automotive Device Connectivity

At Vault Micro, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of device connectivity in the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide not only reliable and high-quality solutions but also to innovate and redefine what’s possible in automotive technology.

Vault Connectivity Software (VCS) for Automotive: Innovation Meets Versatility

The Vault Connectivity Software (VCS) for Automotive exemplifies our relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to excellence. VCS offers a wide-ranging suite of connectivity solutions, known for their versatility and efficiency. This includes state-of-the-art automotive ECU diagnostics, seamless updates for Over-The-Air (OTA) technology, and robust wireless cellular modem connections. Each solution in our VCS lineup is designed to be an essential component in the automotive ecosystem, enhancing vehicle performance, safety, and user experience.

By combining advanced technology with a focus on user needs, Vault Micro ensures that every VCS solution not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the modern automotive industry. With our expertise, we’re driving the future of automotive connectivity, making vehicles smarter, safer, and more connected than ever before.


ECU Diagnosis / Flashing Software Stack

With the increasing demand for higher data throughput in vehicular communications, Ethernet has become the preferred choice for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. At Vault Micro, we excel in providing Ethernet-based diagnostic standards, showcasing our robust DoIP (ISO 13400) and UDS (ISO 14229) solutions. Our systems are designed for compatibility with various operating systems, including QNX, Linux, and Android, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in diverse automotive environments.

The DoIP (Diagnostic over IP) standard, based on the existing Ethernet frameworks, enables fully compatible diagnostics. This feature allows for easy integration into various software and hardware architectures, offering a seamless and efficient diagnostic experience.

Key Features of Our DoIP and UDS Solutions:

  • Generic Acknowledge: Guarantees reliable communication between diagnostic tools and vehicle systems.
  • Vehicle Identification: Precisely identifies and accesses essential vehicle information.
  • Routing Activation: Creates secure communication pathways for efficient data transmission.
  • Real-time Check: Provides immediate diagnostic feedback, aiding in prompt problem-solving.
  • Diagnostic Power Mode: Controls power levels during diagnostics to ensure system stability.
  • Diagnostic Message: Delivers clear and concise diagnostic data communication.

VVD (Vault Vehicle Diagnostics)

Testing Tool for ECUs and Networks

Vault Micro’s VVD is an advanced tool designed for comprehensive verification of diagnostic software including UDS, DoIP, and CAN. Ideal for Diag Server Stack Developers, VVD offers an easy, quick, and intuitive platform for ensuring the proper functioning of diagnostic software.

Key Aspects of VVD:

  • Extensibility: VVD is highly adaptable, allowing for quick modifications and updates to meet the specific requirements of different projects and developers.
  • Compatibility: Tested across various Diagnostic servers including Android, QNX, Linux, and firmware, VVD demonstrates versatility and broad applicability.
  • OEM and Partner Approval: This proven solution is trusted and utilized by leading OEMs and partners.
  • Comprehensive Validation Tests: Supports ISO 14229 UDS and ISO 13400 DoIP validation testing.
  • Interactive Terminal: Facilitates UDS and DoIP message transmission in an interactive terminal format.
  • DTC Information: Enables checking of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) information through network communication.
  • Data Verification: Allows for the verification of the length and format of response data, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Recent Enhancements to VVD:

  • UDS Macro Functionality:- Manage and use frequently utilized UDS messages efficiently.
    – Verify if the diagnostic service is properly implemented by selecting, sending, and checking the results of registered messages.
  • Enhanced Security Features:- Unlock various security levels to access diagnostic services requiring security.
    – Supports Vector Security Access Seed & Key DLL for generating keys using Seed & Key DLL.
  • Advanced Download Capabilities:-  Transfer firmware files using UDS Diagnostic Services.
    – Flash firmware to specific file locations or memory addresses.
    – Support for Network interfaces like PEAK CAN and Ethernet (DoIP).
    – Customizable to meet specific manufacturer requirements.
    – Integrable with security functions for accessing security-required diagnostic services.

SAP Over IP: Personal SIM Card Connection in Vehicle

Wired/Wireless Network Connection

Vault Micro introduces the innovative ‘Vault Connectivity Software – SAP over IP,’ a solution that revolutionizes the way telematics and other devices connect within a vehicle. This system allows devices such as telematics units to utilize a SIM card in an Ethernet/IP-enabled device, eliminating the need for each device to have its own separate SIM card.

The SIM Access Profile (SAP) traditionally defines the protocols for accessing a SIM card via a Bluetooth link. Expanding on this concept, our ‘Vault Connectivity Software – SAP over IP’ provides a cutting-edge IP-based SIM connectivity solution, leveraging the Ethernet network within the vehicle for streamlined and efficient communications.

Key Features to Ensure Availability and Reliability:
  • Server/Client Keepalive Feature: This first exception handling mechanism is crucial when an Ethernet connection is lost, for instance, due to an accident. It ensures continuous connectivity and communication.
  • Heartbeat Function: This feature maintains and recovers server/client connections, acting as a second layer of exception handling. It is essential for ensuring uninterrupted service and connectivity.
  • Application Restore: In cases where the Smart Card Daemon is non-functional, this feature allows for the restoration of the application, ensuring that connectivity and access to the SIM card are maintained.


Standard D-PDU Middleware and Remote Diagnostic Flashing Software 


  • Supports the vehicle diagnostic standard ISO 22900-2 interface.
  • Utilized in remote diagnostics and flashing software.
  • Supports UDS, DoIP, and CAN protocols: Compatible with a wide range of vehicle diagnostic protocols.

Key Details:

  • ISO 22900-2 Interface for Vehicle Diagnostics:
    • D-PDU API based on ISO 22900-2.
    • Includes 29 D-PDU API Functions, such as PDUConstruct.
  • Remote Diagnostic and Flashing Software:
    • Capable of testing and reporting diagnostic and flash programming functions.
    • Multi-device flashing software available for manufacturers and service testers (supports parallel communication with multiple ECUs through various bus systems).
  • Support for UDS on DoIP Protocol:
    • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles due to support for various vehicle diagnostic protocols.


  • The increasing complexity of vehicles due to standardization, such as autonomous driving, necessitates remote diagnostics to improve vehicle availability, maintenance, and quality assurance.
  • Current diagnostic systems lack support for various Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) modules and have disparate client interfaces, requiring a method that allows vehicle diagnostics and management without compatibility issues.
  • Plays a crucial role in integrating standard technologies like D-PDU API based on vehicle diagnostic SW stacks such as UDS, DoIP, and CAN.
  • A core technology for vehicle diagnostics and software updates in the advancement of SDV (Software Defined Vehicles).
  • Significantly enhances the efficiency of software updates and troubleshooting for vehicle maintenance and development.
  • Diagnoses and manages vehicles without compatibility issues with various VCIs.
  • Related Keywords: SDV, OTA, Vehicle Diagnostic Standards.

3G/LTE Modem Connection

Fast, Reliable and Proven Solution

For many years, Vault Connectivity Software(VCS) has been successful in applying global services that require safe and high-capacity network traffic and speed like automotive telematics, 3G/LTE modems, and laptops.

*Applied to GM’s first LTE OnStar Telematics in North America

VCS (Vault Connectivity Software) Advantages

Maximizing Efficiency and Reliability in Automotive Connectivity with VCS

  • Wide OS Compatibility: Supports diverse operating systems including Linux, QNX, Android, and Tizen.
  • Rapid Development & Market Entry: Enhanced development speed and stability, reducing time-to-market.
  • Technical Expertise: Specialized in device drivers, communication protocols, and interface software.
  • Reliable and Safe: Proven stability for embedded devices critical in life-dependent applications.
  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Ensures quick and efficient data communication within automotive systems.
  • Flexible and Independent Solutions: Versatile solutions that adapt to various hardware and software environments.
  • Extensive Industry Experience: Over a decade in automotive software development, with significant achievements in vehicle diagnostics.
  • Comprehensive Testing & Validation: Equipped with robust testing and verification tools for development stacks.
  • Renowned Industry Collaborations: Collaborative projects with leading companies and adherence to the latest ISO standards.