Automotive Networking Solutions

In order to connect devices to wireless Internet, we need the connection of mobile communication modems such as 2G/3G/LTE/LTE-A, and devices. At that time, the Vault Connectivity software controls modem in devices and support to use network communications.

Vault connectivity software can add various functions like controlling and data managing of PST(Product Support Tool), Connection Managers, Sync program, telematics, MP3 player, flash disc, 3G dongle and Wi-Fi programs. Also, this solution can be customized by customers’ needs.

Applications & Industries

Applications & Industries

It is Vault Connectvity Software(VCS) for Mobile. We are providing the mobile device driver.

Target Devices

  • Mobile Phone
  • Data Card
  • Android Device
  • Automobile
  • Set-Top-Boxes (STBs)
  • Other Communication Devices

PST Specification

Product Support Tool (PST) Specification

PST provides support for making it easy to control devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and wireless models.


  • S/W Upgrade
  • Phone Setting / Sync
  • Contacts Setting / Sync
  • Refurbish

Connection Manager SDK Specification

Connection Manager SDK Specification

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  • Connection
  • Activation
  • Power Control
  • SMS
  • Contact
  • SIM

Connection Manager SDK Architecture


  • Support for diverse operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, WinCE, QNX, Tizen and RTOS
  • WMC is supported
  • QMI (Qualcomm MSM Interface) is supported
  • PPP/WLAN is supported
  • Windows 7 Mobile Broadband and MBIM are supported