The Company Will Create

A future in which people can be connected with each other.

Vault Micro was established in 2009 and is a sofeware company that has developed device drivers, application program solutions and operated SNS communities.

The company has made such efforts in various areas to lead the industry as brining to the market stable and convenient products such as mobile solutions based on various operating systems, and diverse device control software.

Not only by establishing a stable revenue model based on the core technology of devoloping device drivers and application programs, but also successfully stabilizing the model in the relevant market, the company has been laying down the foundation to grow to become one of the best software companies.

Besides, the company is also preparing for equipping itself with globalcompetence to play a leading role in entering overseas markets while not being dependent on foreign technologies.

We will grow together with our customers through accurate reading of diverse needs of our current and future customers as well as through continuous research and investment for development of core technologies.


  • Vault Mobile Solution Launched
  • Vault Custom Driver Development
  • Service Initiated
  • WHQL Testing Service Initiated
  • Vault Custom Application Development Service Initiated
  • Vault Connectivity Solution – PST Launched
  • Vault Mobile broadband Solution Launched
  • Product Testing Service Initiated
  • Vault Connectivity Solution – Connection Manager SDK Launched
  • Vault Device Control Engine Launched
  • Vault Connectivity Software – QMI Middleware Launched.

Phone & Email

Tel. +82 2-798-2048
Fax. +82 2-795-2048


2 nd floor, 215-5, Hangangro-1(il)-ga, Yongsangu, Seoul, Korea. Vault Micro Software, Inc.

Bus routes near the company

Triangle-shaped area – 110A, 110B, 149, 150, 151, 152, 421, 500, 501, 502, 504, 506, 507, 605, 730, 750A, 750B, 751, 752, 6001, Youngsan03


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