Vault Micro is

where you can realize your dreams.

Anyone who is interested in and passionate about development of software can join Vault Micro for its dream of opening up a new future.

Job Opening

Area Sub-area Preferences Job No. of job openings
Development Windows/Mac Application Development (C/C++,Object C)
  • Entry Level or those with more than 2-year of experience in relevant areas
  • Having basic knowledge about data structure or algorithm
  • Open-minded and sharing a good sense of  humor
  • Abilities to communicate in English is a plus.
  • Mobile device control application program development
As necessary
Development GSM/CDMA terminal device development
  • 2-year+  experience in GSM/CDMA terminal devices
  • GSM/CDMA Terminal Device Development
As necessary
Development Windows/Mac/Linux Device Driver Development
  • 2-year + experience in relevant areas
  • Windows/Mac/Linux Device Driver Development
As necessary
Application for the job

Prepare your resume and portfolio(mainly focusing on the tasks you have carried out). Please also state your annual salary expectations. Submit these documents to in order to apply to the desire job position.

Hiring process

Working environment

Vault Micro aims to become a ‘delightful, happy, and sharing’ company, so there are several company welfare schemes. Our company plans to enhance those activities continuously.

Desired talent

The company places emphasis on creativeness, innovation, challenge, passion, and accountability and trust.

Creativeness and innovation

We value an innovative mind for trying relentlessly to find out novelties and searching for new ways.

Challenge and passion

The Vault Micro’s philosophy is to have the courage not to fear failure but to overcome it.

Accountability and trust

Always be involved in works with the accountability based on the ownership of Vault Micro.

The Company regards as important the dreams of individual persons.

The company decides the annual salaries and incentives thoroughly based on individual persons’ competence and results of performance evaluation, without raising them automatically based on years of work, experience or education grounds. If the company yearly performance results are excellent, there will be extra finance to be allocated for rewarding sections and individual persons with differentiated incentives..